Thursday, March 11, 2004

When i was six or seven i badgered my parents for days on end that my brain was moving inside my head. i told them that when i did jumping jacks in the schoolyard, my brain would bounce and hit the top of my skull and that it would bump against my forehead when i bent over.

my dad finally took me to a dr. where they ran some blood and urine tests, none of which provided any insight on why my brain seemed to be tumbling around. the dr. assured me that my brain was in the right place after all, at least strictly speaking it was. (he didn't say the last part, of course, but i imagine he thought it).

come to think of it, we had all kinds of doctors as friends and family and my own pediatrician was just super, but my dad took me to some random place, probably so that nobody we knew would think that they have a strange kid or that they themselves are weird for taking the case of the loose-brain seriously.

Another time not so long after the above incident, i convinced my parents i had worms. they apparently took this complaint more seriously, because they took me to my own pediatrician. the worm theory was not so farfetched to them, i heard them murmur that it may explain why i was so skinny and small. but still they couldn't own up to it at the dr.'s office. they told the dr. that a playmate of mine had gotten some intestinal parasite and they were afraid that I might catch it too.

it was very clever of them, really, they got me the meds without going through any embarrassment that may have incurred had i been tested and came up positive. the medicine was disgusting, i remember it distinctly, and lo and behold, i neither grew taller nor fatter after the regimen was over.

there's a lot to deconstruct in this story, i think, about iranian social and cultural pressures around notions of physical and mental health. but also it just shows that i was a bizarre little kid, and i'll leave it at that.