Saturday, March 06, 2004

This morning my brother greeted me with "wow, it looks like you've got your quills up, porcupine". i didn't, as a matter of fact, i was rather subdued, trying to save all of my energy to fight off this vague but annoying cold. i think he mistook my mopey silence for hostility, so i'm trying to be a bit more upbeat.

what i do feel hostile about, however, is that idiot Samuel Huntington. It looks like he has taken a break from his inane, yet frighteningly dangerous thesis about the "Clash of Civilizations" to focus his hatred on Mexicans in his new book called Who We Are , a title that foretells the kinds of essentialist rhetoric he'll be using even to those who are not familiar with his reductive descriptions what constitutes "us" and "them".