Wednesday, March 31, 2004

My brother is graduating from college in less than three months and will be taking a year off to work before going back to school. he's thinking of a State or Federal job for the year and is a bit paranoid about being around or involved in anything that may be construed as illicit activity. so when a friend left behind some drugs as a gift, he didn't want anything to do with it. instead, he brought it to me. "hey N, you want these?"

funny thing when your baby brother asks you a question like this, all non-chalant. i told him i don't have any particular need or desire for what he was waving at me, but i took it from him anyway, and stuffed it in a drawer somewhere.

i don't throw things away easily, particularly if they are ingestible. for example,
an apartment i moved into in chicago had a big fat bag of hallucinogenic mushrooms in the freezer. i confirmed the contents of the bag with a friend who was helping me move. "yep", he said, "it looks like the previous tenants left you a house-warming present".

i never did anything with those mushrooms other than ask the above mentioned friend if he wanted me to make him a "special" pizza every time he came over, and that was the extent of it.