Saturday, March 27, 2004

The Iranian Student News Agency (ISNA) has published sets of photos of Iranians protesting the murder of Ahmad Yassin. You can see some of them here , here, and here.

thanks to the Islamic Republic's idiotic rhetoric, which Tariq Ali has described as the "the Anti-imperialism of fools", the only people in Iran who show up to rally in support of the Palestinians are the hardliner khomeini freaks you see in these pictures.

this is not to say that these fanatic types are the only ones who are pro-palestinian. i'm just saying that the symbols of the Palestinian struggle have been co-opted by the Islamic Republic in such a way that to wear a Keffiya in Iran, for example, means that you are aligning yourself with a very specific ideology. so while i wear the Keffiyas
i bought in iran at anti-war marches in San Francisco, i would never walk around Tehran with a Keffiya wrapped around my neck.

on second thought, it might not be a bad idea to do that some time. imagine a bad-hejab like me ( a bad-hejab is a woman whose "Islamic" garb leaves much to be desired from a fundamentalist point of view) walking in tehran wearing a Keffiya basiji style! (i can't seem to find a good picture of a quintessential basiji to show you the exact style, but i'll look more later. or send me a link if you have a good one)

update: thanks to my friend S.M., who sent me this photo of some typical basiji types. Thanks also to S.M. for introducing me to the beautiful photography of Mohesen Rastani, from whose photo collection the above linked picture is taken.