Monday, March 08, 2004

I'm working on inoculating myself against this, but sometimes I find myself moved by histrionics in Iranian politics. Listening to Mousavi Khoeini's address to the Iranian Parliament and hearing hardliners wrestling with the microphones and trying to shout him down, for example, made me break out into a sweat. i can get sensitive, i know. (I can't find a picture of Mousavi Khoeini giving the address, but here is a picture of members of Parliament hovering to yell at each other after the speech)

and no, i'm not deluded about the so-called Reformists, but i do admire the fact that Mousavi had the guts to criticize the bogus elections, directly singling out the "supreme leader" Khameini for abusing the constitution, reminding the parliament that Sadam's last election drew a 98% approval vote and thereby drawing a not so subtle comparison between Sadam's dictatorship and the current one in Iran.