Wednesday, March 10, 2004

As a rule, i don't answer morning phone calls before 9:30 a.m. No one who knows me well would call that early, so it is usually somebody i don't know calling to harass me or tell me something i don't want to know.

sure enough, the phone call i ignored at 8:25 this morning was the gas company, calling to give me an ominous warning about my bill. i was surprised, frankly, because i was sure that i just paid the bill. i looked at my check book and "just" having paid the bill was more than two months ago.

it was well enough, i suppose, because going to pay the bill in person gave me a chance to stroll in this lovely lovely weather, enjoying the sun and checking out the signs and bumper stickers people in this town plaster all over their property.

speaking of bumper stickers, my brother had an idea for one that i really liked. he saw a car with a sticker that had the german flag along with text that read "you say tomato, i say tomate". he thinks we should do the same with an iranian flag that says "you say tomato, i say gojefarangi".

i'm not doing justice to his delivery, which was half of what made his suggestion so funny, and granted, my brother and i share a peculiar brand of humor that is generally lost on everyone else, but i hope you find it at least a little amusing.