Monday, March 29, 2004

All day long i've been singing the lines from that song by The Exploited that goes: "Ayatollah, Let the hostages go!". I have to find the song and play it for myself before i go nuts.

but what is the song actually called? certainly not, "Ayatollah, let the hostages go"?. who knows. i couldn't even remember "The Exploited", much less the name of the song. I just kept picturing a T-shirt for their "Punk's Not Dead" LP but no band name came to mind. Finally, i had to break down and ask my ex. but now i just have to figure out the name of the song and download it. yay.


how do i know the tea concoctions i've been brewing may be getting out of hand? well, this morning my brother asked if i had Pho in my coffee mug! if you want to know what i've been brewing and what a world of good it may do you, drop me a line.


Tony Benn, the octogenarian former MP who served in the British parliament for decades had some great things to say this morning on
Democracy Now!. Here are a few choice quotations:

"Mrs. Thatcher was asked the other day what her greatest achievement was and she said New labour*, I think that tells you all you need to know about New labour".

* New Labour, as you probably know, is what tony blair takes his party to be.

ok, here is the other quotation, by far the more ballsy of the two:

"I do not myself see much difference between a stealth bomber and a suicide bomber in that both are killing innocent people for political purposes".