Saturday, March 06, 2004

An addendum to the post below and an unrelated declaration.

First, the declaration:

I no longer romanticize the Kurds! Romanticizing other peoples, of course, is inherently problematic because it implies that culture is static and that generalizations can be made about large groups of people. Despite knowing this, I always secretly had these romantic ideas about "the Kurds". well, i'm owning up to it and dealing with it.

now, the addendum to my post from earlier today:

I'm providing a sampling of quotations from Huntington's latest book. I found the quotations in David Brook's February 24th New York Times review of said book. Instead of just telling you about how Huntington's vileness has now focused on Latinos (specifically Mexicans and Mexican-Americans), I will just let him speak for himself:

"the single most immediate and most serious challenge to America's traditional identity comes from the immense and continuing immigration from Latin America, especially Mexico."

"As their numbers increase, Mexican-Americans feel increasingly
comfortable with their own culture and often contemptuous
of American culture"

And, finally, here is the quotation that takes the cake:

"There is no Americano dream..There is only the American dream created by an Anglo-Protestant society. Mexican-Americans will share in that dream and in that society only if they dream in English." (emphasis mine)

There you have it. one of these days i'll have to see if i can find a way to show you Huntington's laughable diagram of various civilizations and their connections.