Thursday, February 12, 2004

Last week I was talking to this Turkish guy who seemed so optimistic about some of what was happening in our part of the world that I almost got caught along in his enthusiasm. He was sure that the UN was very close to brokering a deal between Greece and Turkey on the issue of Cyprus. He was also enthusiastic that the parliamentary crisis in Iran signaled a clean end to the Islamic Republic.

Well, today I read that talks between the Turkish and Greek Cypriot leaders broke down in deadlock for the second day in a row. And, as for a swift and sane end to the IRI, even the buzz from the unbelievably delicious Peruvian cocktail wasn't enough to nudge me into deluding myself about its plausibility.

On an entirely different note, I drink all kinds of teas to help with my restless sleep problems, and I recently remembered that Lavender is supposed to be good for insomnia. I bought Lavender flowers from the local hippy herb and voodoo shop, but the tea I make turns out pretty bitter. Can any of you tea connoisseurs give me some pointers on proper brewing methods for this stuff?