Saturday, February 21, 2004

I'm having major computer problems. Several at once, on different machines even. I'm beginning to think I'm the culprit. plus there have been a number of occasions where i have had to speak to groups of people, which is why I've become sick of my own voice and everything i have to say. i hadn't even felt like blogging, because it too seems akin to hearing yourself publicly speak. now i am sitting at a PC that is not mine to distract myself from thinking about all the stuff that inaccessibly sits on my own computers.

On the bright side, the whole ordeal has made me check myself and my addiction to blogs. I was telling
Pedram the other day about what then seemed like an uncontainable urge to click on all the blogs that appear to be updated on his site every time I visit his page, which is at least once a day. Most of those blogs are interesting in their own ways, but a couple drive me absolutely nuts and yet i was finding myself returning to them time and again. it's a kind of masochism, really, and it's all the more perverse because i can discern no pleasure in it, just pain. so the computer fiasco has made me wean myself from checking blogs that aggravate me, and I am feeling pretty good about it. Oh, I've also almost gone cold-turkey off of the iraqi blogs. i have a lot to say about my reasons for doing that, so i'll save it for another entry because it involves a whole ethical/political quandary.

I'm going to go read a bit on the bogus Iranian elections before I go out for the evening. As usual, of course, the Iranian "opposition" media, and I'm talking here both about the spectrum of them, has been as unreliable and propaganda-ridden as the Islamic Republic's press corps. But what can i say, i can't get rid of all my masochistic tendencies in one week, so off I go to cesspool.