Tuesday, February 24, 2004

I know I complain a lot about self-involved and self-obsessed soosool diaspora Iranians, but there really are a lot of awesome Iranians around as well, and it's always nice to see them in action.

I was at a small meeting of a Palestine Solidarity group tonight where only the core group of 10 or so people showed up. We are a very diverse bunch, but the Iranians were the only nationality or ethnicity of which there was more than one. There were four of us! Which is pretty astounding, I think, considering the low number of Iranians in this town and the anti-Arab diatribes many Iranians are subject to courtesy of our families, the misguided Iranian nationalist media abroad, and, lest I forget, the implicitly and overtly racist depictions of Arabs in dominant discourses of the United states.

Anyway, back to the positive point I was making. what is extra-great is that the other three Iranians at this meeting were undergrads, all of them well-spoken, sharp, and politically savvy. My hats off to them, really, and I wish them all success in the kinds of important activism they are doing.