Friday, February 27, 2004

I am really excited to find out that As' ad Abukhalil is writing a blog. I found his page via riverbend. Yea, ok, so I lied when I said I went cold turkey off of the Iraqi blogs. I have cut down, however, and I still maintain my reasons for trying to wean myself off of them.

Auntie Establishment reminded me the other day that i hadn't explained myself about this when i had said i would, and i think it will take me too long to do so now. but the short of it is that i felt like this new fascination with iraqi bloggers is really a replication of a sort of colonial ethnography. i read the comments self-identified Americans leave on some of these Iraqi blogs and i want to puke. it's like they are looking for little "native informants" to tell them all about what the people they've invaded are really like, and then they get belligerent when their "native informants" says something they don't want to hear. some people act like they've gone to the ethnic zoo or something. well, anyway, here is a glimpse of why i was feeling discomfort in partaking in the ravenous quest for iraqis online.

now back to As' ad Abukhalil . He is great, and i recommend that you check out his work. i could go on and on about As'ad, but feminist that he is, i'm sure he'd find that sort of hero worship unseemly.