Sunday, January 11, 2004

On Friday night I went to a small memorial for Edward Said. After the service some of the attendees, along with Edward Said's son, Wadie Said, who was the main speaker, headed out to a small club to unwind. It was great to speak to Wadie Said, who was very pleasant and down-to-earth. My friend and I felt a little odd to be offering our condolences to him with beers in hand, practically yelling to be heard against the music that was blaring into the courtyard from the dance floor.

And last night I went to a concert of classical Irani music, the proceeds of which are going to the victims of the Bam earthquake. There were four separate performances, with a total of 12 talented performers, many of whom were quite young. One group I found particularly endearing had a young woman who played the oud, and their singer, who from where I was sitting looked about 15 years old but must in reality have been something like 21 or 22, had an impressive voice that didn't match his boyish appearance. If anyone reading this knows the performers and hears of upcoming shows, please let me know.