Wednesday, January 07, 2004

Now that I have finally started a blog, I admire more than before people who manage to post often and still stay interesting. As of now, it is still a writing exercise of sorts for me, so I hope my friends are patient with me through it.

I've been trying a new technique that may be useful for those of you who have trouble sleeping peacefully through the night. I read somewhere sometime ago that in terms of temperature, the ideal conditions for nodding off and staying asleep are a warm bed and a cold room. So for the past few nights, I've been turning the heater super low or turning it off all together. Then I pre-heat my bed with an electric blanket. When I am done doing my before-sleep fun reading, the bed is toasty and I can turn off the blanket. The trick is to keep enough layers on top of you so that the heat doesn't escape from the electric blanket once it is no longer on.

This was working pretty well for me for a couple of nights there, when I was sleeping fairly still like a normal human girl. Then I returned to thrashing about the bed the way I usually do, and I've been waking up tangled in the cord of the electric blanket. I angrily try to brush the cord away in my sleep, but then the control console smacks me in the head. None of this, of course, is any good for ensuring that I have a good cozy night of sleep. I think I may have to retire this method sooner than I had hoped.

I couldn't bring myself to listen to Arnold last night, and I am not sure I will be able to sit through Bush's announcement today. Lately, I have become a bit lazy with this stuff. It is no good to only rely on secondary sources/analysis, which is something I have been doing too much of nowadays. I think internet/blog culture is making my attention span shorter and my need for instant gratification even greater. Oh my, look at the time, I have to run and get some work done.