Tuesday, January 20, 2004

I live across a small little park, and so sometimes at night we get some police action around here. It is mostly small stuff like the cops shooing away hippies trying to sleep in the park or telling rowdy teens that they need to go home. That sort of thing. But every now and again they go into over-reaction mode and we end up with five police cars, a fire truck, and even an ambulance for good measure, right outside our window. I don't know what comes over me when this happens, but I absolutely have to rubber neck. I generally turn out the lights so they can't see me staring. If it isn't too late at night, I will even go outside, unless my parents are visiting me, in which case my mom absolutely forbids me from leaving the house. She even tries me to pry me away from the window, lest some stray bullet flies three floors up, takes a turn, and smashes through the pane and into my forehead. Anyway, I sort of find my fascination with this stuff a little disturbing, even though sometimes I tell myself that I am simply engaging in some community "copwatch", you know, making sure they don't abuse their authority, which they seem to do quite a bit, if one believes the reports on the local pirate radio station. But in all honesty, I think there is a bit of pure voyeurism involved in the whole thing, and so I just have to own up to that. So this is all a confession of sorts because I just finished peeking out of my bedroom window (too cold to go outside) as a mini police and ambulance drama unfolded downstairs. It was all pomp and no circumstance, from what I could tell. Six big police-men huddled around some disheveled looking guy as the ambulance people gave him the Saddam Hussein treatment (checked his head for lice, looked in his mouth with flashlights, turned his head from side to side, that whole routine). That is what I think they were doing in any case, there were too many police and firemen blocking my view. And now that I can rest assured that our dutiful civil servants have whisked away this poor guy to god knows where (probably the drunk tank), I can finally get to sleep. Nothing to see here.