Thursday, January 22, 2004

I had a message this afternoon from some friends in Europe that the Swiss border guards were preventing the entrance of Iranis from other European countries who were showing up to protest against President Khatami's presence as the opening speaker of the World Economic Forum of Business and Political Leaders (held in Davos, Switzerland). I don't have any independent confirmation on this, but I'll be sure to post if I get any interesting updates. I know of at least one small group of Iranis who foresaw the border closings and are already inside of Switzerland. I've seen some video footage from a few days ago showing the Swiss cops hurling tear gas canisters and turning high water pressure on a group of anarcho-syndicalists who had shown up early to protest the forum. Whether the Iranis get the same treatment, or whether any Iranis are even allowed anywhere near the place remains to be seen.